SBS boards Titanic in Colour, Flight Attendant Murders.

SBS boards Titanic in Colour, Flight Attendant Murders.

SBS can’t get enough of the Titanic, pre-buying a documentary from the UK, Titanic in Colour.

The a two-part doco from Woodcut Media uses cutting-edge colourisation techniques and has also been sold to UK’s Channel 4.

Titanic in Colour (2×45′), currently in production brings to life the lavish interiors of the ship, artefacts and clothing from passengers. It also features interviews with relatives of the passengers and the crew of the Titanic.

Series producer Jonathan Mayo said: “The cutting-edge colourisation techniques employed will take your breath away. It was also a humbling experience to speak to some of the children of those who survived the Titanic disaster and feature in the 1912 footage.”

Meanwhile SBS has also acquired The Flight Attendant Murders, a US docuseries which re-examines the murders of four Texas flight attendants in the 1970s and 1980s, who were all employed by the same airline and whose killings share eerie similarities.

Despite Jonathan Reed, a convicted rapist, being found guilty in 1979 of the initial murder and being held on death row for decades, three further murders occurred during his imprisonment.

Source: C21, BroadcastNow