Sarah Greenhalgh joins 7News Spotlight

Sarah Greenhalgh joins 7News Spotlight

Seven’s European correspondent Sarah Greenhalgh will join the public affairs programme 7NEWS In the spotlight.

She has been with Seven since 2015 and has been based in London since 2019, notably covering the death of Queen Elizabeth II last year and the Turkey-Syria earthquake in February.

He joins host Michael Usher, investigative reporter Liam Bartlett and executive producer Mark Llewellyn and later this year.

“It is an absolute thrill to be part of Mark and the 7NEWS In the spotlight team, including Michael and Liam, who I have long admired,” he said.

“Away from the adrenaline rush of breaking news, sharing people’s personal experiences – good or bad – has always been the greatest motivator and privilege. I look forward to digging deeper into these stories.”

Mark Llewellyn said: “Sarah is a rising star on Australian TV news and will be a tremendous addition. 7NEWS In the spotlight. She loves journalism, isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, and is committed to telling her stories with truth and passion.”

This weekend Greenhalgh will be reporting on the Coronation For Seven news.

Edited: Seven recently announced that Ashlee Mullany will join Hugh Whitfeld in our London based European office.