Sam Armytage responds to clickbait “feud” stories

Sam Armytage responds to clickbait “feud” stories

The farmer wants a wife presenter Sam Armytage responded to the Daily Mail after running a story speculating his absence from a celebratory luncheon following the David Koch final Sunrise show.

Armytage appeared on Sunrise to pay tribute to Koch, congratulating him on his 21 years as host, but missed a luncheon with other network talent on Friday.

The article was titled “Are you sure there’s no feud? Samantha noticeably skips David Koch’s farewell luncheon as she leaves Sunrise the host is joined by Natalie Barr, Mel Doyle, and Larry Emdur for the star-studded sendoff.

But Armytage accepted Instagram to make things clear.

“Nasty and WRONG articles continue from Daily Mail, Australia,” he wrote.

“Rich and I had to attend a funeral yesterday after I appeared Sunrise. I was invited to Kochie’s farewell luncheon and had to politely decline. I usually ignore the Daily Mail nonsense (and realize that posting like this just gives them oxygen) but these multiple daily attacks are absurd.

“I could have told them my plans, if they’d only asked 🤪 (not that it was any of their business!) then maybe they shouldn’t have made things up. But maybe it wouldn’t fit their narrative🤔”