Rumour: New music show from Roving Enterprises?

Rumour: New music show from Roving Enterprises?

Speculation around music television is continuing with a new rumour emerging, if rather short on detail.

According to Mixdown Mag, “… the last months have been dred for Aussie music on TV with MTV’s move to a global feed, and Ten bringing the axe down on Studio 10.

“But we hear after acclaim after taking over production on the 2023 ARIA Awards (a step up from last year’s trainwreck), Rove McManus’ Roving Enterprises is keen to get a show going.

“After delivering a huge 800+ ratings for Seven with the four hour Mushroom 50 telecast, we can only assume Mushroom Group and Seven should be set to work on another TV foray.”

While the ARIAs was produced by Craig Campbell, it isn’t clear how far advanced Roving Enterprises might be on developing a music series. Mushroom’s outstanding The Sound left screens far too early, screening during the pandemic.

Earlier this month goddess Marcia Hines said, of her time on Countdown, “Somebody needs a call to some television station to tell them that we need that on television again.”