Rumors: Sam Pang to host the Logie Awards

Rumors: Sam Pang to host the Logie Awards

Tom Tom drums are playing very loud that Sam Pang should be announced as the host of the Logie Awards on Seven.

That would make him the first host in 12 years, with recent ceremonies all featuring shared duties from guest presenters. The task has been called a “poisoned goblet” in the past, but hosted Logical they were also the most memorable over the decades.

Seven’s executives are eager to freshen up TV’s “night of nights” and remain convinced he’s the man to conquer the toughest room in the industry.

Pang is ridiculously popular among the fan bases cultivated via The front bar on Seven, You have been careful on the 10th, Melbourne radio Nova and Triple R. He was part of Total football of Santo, Sam and Ed on ABC radio, Eurovision song contest on SBS, he recently toured as part of The Comedians with Mick Molloy, Lawrence Mooney and Marty Sheargold – and was a repeat winner for Favorite Male in the Press TV Tonight.

Last year Pang accepted an award on behalf of Kitty Flanagan which he won Most Popular Actress for IRS and had the room in stitches with his self-deprecating style.

“This is kind of like 1973 al Oscars when Marlon Brando won and sent a Native American,” he joked.

“I had a small part in the first season of IRS. This will be the first time a speech is longer than a role.”

He had previously presented an award in 2017 alongside his mother’s cousin, Lorrae Desmond.

TV Week will announce the nominations on Monday week in Sydney.

The award ceremony will take place on Sunday 30 July at the screening on Seven.

Seven was contacted for comment.