Report: 10 seeks injunction against Peter Van Onselen

Report: 10 seeks injunction against Peter Van Onselen

Network 10 is reportedly seeking an injunction in the NSW High Court against Peter Van Onselen on Monday.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the move follows a fierce column The Australian written by the network’s former policy editor about his business prospects.

The article suggested, “Subscription growth has not yet been strong enough to make streaming profitable, and while Paramount+ is large by Australian standards and growing, it is dwarfed by others in the US, trying to catch up with when it entered the streaming business later than its main competitors.A missed opportunity to be an early adopter by management.

The article questioning 10’s prospects was based on the fortunes of Paramount in the United States, currently at $15.40 per share.

But the SMH speculates it may have been a violation of his exit contract, with PVO leaving the network in March to return to academia.

Van Onselen and a spokeswoman for 10 declined to comment.

Separately, 10 is also fighting a business case with reporter Tegan George and denies her workplace claims raised regarding Van Onselen.