Red faces as IT dispute lands before judge

Red faces as IT dispute lands before judge

The Age reports today that a legal dispute surrounding Somers Enterprises and an IT Consultant landed in the the Victorian Supreme Court yesterday.

Lawyers representing Daryl Somers appeared in court, asking Justice Michael Osborne to order IT consultant George Johnson – who had been working for Somers Enterprises, until a dispute arose over an invoice – to hand back his administrator access to the firm’s hardware and to remove his number from Somers’ two-step authentications.

In exchange for returning control of the computers, Somers’ barrister Robert Heath KC offered to pay Johnson’s outstanding bill and time, but were insisting that their legal costs be paid by Johnson.

The court ordered that Johnson would not access, delete, copy or distribute any of his client’s IT information or cancel any of Somers Enterprises’ subscriptions. Osborne agreed to most of it, except paying their legal costs.

Both parties were sent away to sort out costs.

Source: The Age