Poh reveals his MasterChef recipe

Poh reveals his MasterChef recipe

A few more details on how Master Chef Australia behind-the-scenes work was revealed this week.

Poh Ling Yeow responded to a fan on her Instagram about how contestants keep the correct measurements for the dishes they’re serving.

“A page from an ingredient list notebook that I committed to by heart MasterChef: Back to winning. This is what we did with every free minute,” she wrote. Damn.

It has long been known that judges sample dishes as they wander around the kitchen, sampling the food while it’s still hot.

In 2021 executive producer Marty Benson he told news.com.au contestants prepare a second plate of food for the judges to try in addition to what they prepare for on-camera judging.

In 2010, only its second year on the air, a “scandal” erupted when the show revealed that plates were being replaced before taste tests

“Due to the length of the filming process, on rare occasions both the contestant and the celebrity chef have entered Master ChefAt the Celebrity Chef Challenge, you’re given the opportunity to repurpose dishes between completing the challenge and tasting them,” producer Margie Bashfield told the Sunday Telegraph.

“This occurs with items such as ice cream, sorbets and sauces, which can deteriorate under studio lighting before tasting can take place.

“The only items that are made available to them are those prepared during the allotted challenge time.

“This process is completely transparent to all parties involved in the challenge and is part of the studio process to ensure the quality of the dish presented to the judges is the same as it was when the challenge was completed.”

Judge Gary Mehigan added at the time, “Callum (Hann, contestant) and (guest chef) Phillippa Sibley had to take the top off the parfait square, put it in the freezer, because it takes — and this guys is reality television.” , about an hour before repositioning all cameras and going up to the tasting table.

Source: news.com.au