Patricia Karvelas to return as Q+A host

Patricia Karvelas to return as Q+A host

Patricia Karvelas will return as Q+A anchor in 2024.

Karvelas was previously named to host remaining 2023 episodes following the exit of Stan Grant.

Patricia Karvelas said, “Q+A is the town hall. It’s the only program bringing together a range of guests to debate the big issues where ordinary people – not journalists or insiders – can come along and ask questions of powerful people.

“I thrive on big and difficult conversations and I’m excited and privileged to take on the role of host of this iconic ABC program in 2024.

“A show like Q+A should constantly be evolving to meet the needs of Australians and that’s what I’m committed to doing.”

Karvelas will also host RN Breakfast 3-5 days a week.

Justin Stevens, ABC Director, News said, “Having a journalist of Patricia Karvelas’s calibre leading these two key programs is terrific for the ABC and for audiences.

“Patricia’s an exceptional communicator with a rare ability to cut through complex issues and make them clear.

“She’s an independent thinker who brings ethical and intellectual rigour to her journalism.”

Q+A returns on Monday 19 February.