Nine format sales hopefuls for The Summit

Nine format sales hopefuls for The Summit

With every new original show, there’s always the prospect of format sales, which Nine hopes to accomplish with its latest reality show, The summit.

Nine programmer Hamish Turner said, “From a business perspective, having ownership of intellectual property and being able to control those rights and exploit them is really important. We know that content is king, but if you don’t own content, you probably won’t have much left at the end of the day.

“I know Scandinavians are everywhere. The UK and the US are watching it. I’d say the writer’s strike isn’t hurting his chances of getting caught quickly enough.

The summit is a 9Network and Endemol Shine Australia series, produced by Endemol Shine Australia.

“The core of the idea came from ESA and so the creative process of getting the show commissioned and then put into production is a very collaborative approach.”

Much of the show’s major development and production occurs within a year.

“It was a show that came together pretty quickly at the end,” she explained.

“Many ideas sit on the shelf for a long time, and it takes a moment in time, or a point in the zeitgeist, where you think ‘Australia is ready for this.'”

The show attracted VOZ numbers of around 700,000 in Metro/Regional/BVOD, but with any new show Nine erred in caution when commissioning.

“I think if I went out and made a 50-episode order, people would be like, ‘I don’t know,'” Turner said.

“With a show being an Australian world first, 14 days is a short time. But it’s kind of a TV event, so it fits into a space.

Nine’s latest “print format”. Parental orientationproduced by Eureka, returns for the following second season The summitdebut season.

“We have a great winter of sports with the French Open, Wimbledon, also the ashes and the state of origin, of course. It’s getting colder and we’ve come to that time where a lot of those international sports are going to come.”

The Summit 7pm Sunday, 7.30pm Monday, Tuesdays of nine.