Nine denies Vertex Vertex

Nine denies Vertex Vertex

The Nine Network denied a complaint claim The summit “is officially on the chopping block between shoddy ratings and astronomical production costs.”

Daily mail quoted an anonymous network insider stating “The show wasn’t worth the headaches that came with it to be honest. At this stage, it will not be recommissioned for a second season.

He also stated that the producers recreated the ending, after flying the cast down the mountain for a week, waiting for the weather to subside, then flying them back to the top to recreate the ending.

Nine sources said TV tonight while there may have been periods waiting for the weather to be safe to film, it didn’t fly off and recreate the ending.

Nine has yet to make a decision on a second season, averaging 720,000 in VOZ numbers, but remains optimistic about sales of the international format for the show developed with Endemol Shine Australia.

The summit it’s part of a larger game by Nine in having IP in its new formats, joining shows like Parent Guide, The Block and the upcoming series of travel adventures Rush. The article also suggested that Nine was now “concerned” about screening the series Rushbut sources dismissed that suggestion, saying the network was in the business of creating new content.

Nine programmers Hamish Turner recently said TV tonight“From a business perspective, having ownership of intellectual property and being able to control those rights and exploit them is really important. We know that content is king, but if you don’t own content, you probably won’t have much left at the end of the day.

Last night Nine presented its first promo for Rushcoming soon and hosted by David Genat.

The summit reaches its final episode at 7pm on Sunday.