Nine denies the Scott Cam rumors

Nine denies the Scott Cam rumors

Nine has responded to media reports suggesting Scott Cam should leave The block after next season.

An “Insider” said Yahoo! the producers were trying to find a successor after its 13-year run.

“Scotty Cam’s contract has expired and it is believed he will not sign again after this,” the insider suggested.

“We want to celebrate while we have Scotty under contract and that could very well mean putting on our skates now.”

But Nine told“The report isn’t true,” and explained that Cam said working on the show in the past was “never a hassle” and was excited to kick off another season this year.

While Nine loves chatter about the show, which launches imminently, it’s unclear if contract tactics are also part of the story’s positioning.

Cam is the second host of the show, having replaced original host Jamie Durie from S3 in 2010. Shelley Craft also joined in 2010.

Season 19 of The blockset on Charming Street Hampton East returns on Sunday, August 6 at 7pm, addressing the return of The voice.