Nine breaks the drought with a rare victory in the west

Nine breaks the drought with a rare victory in the west

The ashes on 9GEM, along with other shows, did what so many shows on Nine couldn’t do: give it a weekly win in Perth.

Nine rarely won all 5 cities last week, breaking a drought in the west, where the Kerry Stokes-led Seven network dominate.

How to close? It was a deciding 34.9% to Seven’s 26.8% in Perth. Adelaide were much closer with Nine’s 32.8% beating Seven’s 32.1%.

The ashes drew as many as 809,000 metropolitan viewers and gave 9GEM a winning 5.7% share.

Seven news passed the week and dancing with the Stars it was the best entertainment show.

Working Dog’s shows outsold both 10 and ABC.

It was also the first week for a clear indication of the Breakfast wars with new host Matt Shirvington against the returning Karl Stefanovic and Michael Rowland. On that front Sunrise he remained victorious at 234,000 to Today‘s 179,000 yearsd News Breakfast’That’s 136,000 on two channels.

Nine: 34.6
Seven: 26.2
ABC: 15.0
SSB: 8.5

Main channel:
Nine: 23.1
Seven: 18.4
ABC: 10.7
SSB: 4.4

9GEM: 5.7
7TWO: 3.3
7mate / 9GO! / 10 Bold: 2.7
10 Peach / ABC Kids TV Plus: 2.5
9Life: 1.7
ABC News: 1.6
9RUSH: 1.5
SBS World Movies: 1.3
7flix / SBS food: 1.1
7 good: 0.8
10 Shake: 0.7
SBS WorldWatch: 0.0

Nine dominated demos 16-39 and 25-54.

The Nine led every night except Tuesday, which was won by Seven. ABC improved by 10 on Wednesday and Saturday.

Last week’s top brands were:

Nine: Nine news (838,000), Ash series (S1 D1: 809.000), A current deal (608,000) e Varna (Sun: 524,000).

Seven: Seven news (Sun: 940,000), dancing with the Stars (645,000), Hunting (555,000) e Away from home (431,000).

10: Have you been paying attention? (525,000), Master Chef Australia (Sun: 460,000), The cheap seats (360,000) and The Sunday Project (299,000).

ABCs: Utopia (586,000), ABC News (555,000), Gruen (525,000) e Four corners (486,000).

SSB: News from the SBS world (168,000), Paul Newman: always on the move (161,000), Great Coastal Rail Journeys (160,000) and Costco: Is It Really Worth It? (140,000)

Infogram provided by Nine: