New Tracy Grimshaw project to be revealed

New Tracy Grimshaw project to be revealed

Nine will announce Tracy Grimshaw’s return to television next month.

The project under wraps will be confirmed at a Nine event in Melbourne on January 19 along with two new reporters for 60 Minutes.

This follows Tom Steinfort’s return to Melbourne to co-host the 6pm news with Alicia Loxley.

Tracy Grimshaw departed A Current Affair in November 22 after 17 years, but indicated she hoped to return to television after a break.

Hopefully the new series will draw upon her unrivalled interviewing skills, potentially in a long-form show with politicians, celebrities, newsmakers in Australia and around the world.

As a random suggestion I might also throw in the idea of a return to Sunday, famously fronted by Jim Waley on Nine, which might work as a possible vehicle for Grimshaw, given much of that audience is going to Insiders at present….

I don’t envisage any hope of a return to Midday, given the expense and that talent usually prefers to move forward rather than backwards.

My money is on a primetime interview format of some sort.