New leash on life: July 25th

New leash on life: July 25th

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42-year-old nurse Rosey emigrated to Perth from the north of England six years ago, with her husband of nearly 20 years, Tom. After a short illness a year ago, Tom passed away leaving Rosey grieving.

Ten months later, Rosey is determined to break through her crushing pain and work her way through the wish list she and Tom once shared. Topping the list is a dog who hopes she can help her meet new people. Rosey is looking for a big dog with a presence to pour her love into and that will in turn make her feel safe.

There is no shortage of large dogs at the kennel. Joel and Laura meet a crossbreed of “no name” chocolate Labradors and a beautiful crossbreed of very large Bullmastiffs named “Arty”. When Laura first meets Arty, he is tired and showing signs of severe anxiety.

Arty is a gentle giant with a presence. But he is a “project dog” who needs a lot of time, training and patience to blossom. Laura and Joel introduce the great Arty to the world outside the kennel, where sights, sounds and smells seem to initially scare him. Highly responsive with other dogs, is he the right match for first time dog owner Rosey?

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