Neighbors will be back in September

Neighbors will be back in September

It’s official.

TV tonight can reveal Neighborhood returns to screens in September 2023.

An airing has yet to be confirmed, but the revived show on Network 10 will also welcome a new family to Ramsay Street, the Varga-Murphy clan.

Hailing from across town, the Varga-Murphy family initially settle down temporarily, and it quickly becomes apparent that there is more to their arrival than meets the eye.

Wives Cara and Remi, played by Sara West (Do not say that, Wakefield, Peter Allen: Not the boy next door) and Naomi Rukavina (Harry Potter stage production, Run Rabbit Run, Pawno), and the JJ sons, played by Riley Bryant (Survive summer 2) and Dex, played by newcomer Marley Williams in his first television role, form the Varga-Murphy family.

Sara West said: “I am so honored to be a part of the new Neighborhood legacy and I’m really looking forward to bringing the Varga-Murphy family to Australian and international screens. Cara has a bold and passionate love for her family and I love that her intentions have always been good. I hope having the Varga-Murphys on television helps better reflect the beautiful LGBTQIA+ community that I am proud to be a part of and I look forward to sharing family with you!

Naomi Rukavina said: “I am excited to join the new Neighborhood inheritance. As an advocate for Australian dramatic television, the show is at the forefront of showcasing diverse and real representations of Australian families, not in a symbolic way. The joys, sadness and madness of Neighbors has been one big adventure thus far and the Varga-Murphy family has already formed a special bond off-screen and on. I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Jason Herbison, NeighborhoodThe executive producer, said: “We are delighted to welcome the Varga-Murphy family to Ramsay Street and the extraordinary cast who play them. It seems fitting that the new season heralds the arrival of a new family, with many new stories to tell. They’ve adapted beautifully to Erinsborough, they’re warm, funny and also very unpredictable.

Neighbors will continue to premiere in Australia on Network 10, its home for over three decades, then Prime Video in Australia and New Zealand seven days later. UK and US audiences can view the series on the Amazon Freevee.