Natasha Exelby fined, license suspended after drink driving incident.

Natasha Exelby fined, license suspended after drink driving incident.

Former 10 news presenter Natasha Exelby has had her license suspended after crashing he vehicle into into a parked car in Toorak

Police officers attended the scene on Orrong Rd on June 26 where she returned a blood alcohol reading of .220 -four times over the legal alcohol limit.

Appearing in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, her defence lawyer Raj Malhotra told the court Exelby consumed “a couple more” than two drinks after suffering a “mental health breakdown”.

He argued Exelby had remained abstinent from alcohol since the incident three months ago and that she had no prior criminal offences.

There was also discussion around a suspended license.

Judicial Registrar Sivaratnam Kandasamy, acknowledged, “This incident seems to be a one-off because there is no history of alcohol use.”

In a statement Exelby cited major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, adding ,“At the time of the incident, I was going through a very dark period with multiple medication changes.

“Never in my life did I think I would be capable of what happened but regardless of my mental health, my actions were shocking beyond words and I take full responsibility.”

When she departed 10 in February she noted, “I somehow survived a military coup while living in Turkey where my house was sprayed with bullets. Reporting from nations like Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq…. learning their stories of torture and loss, has taught me humility, and the breathtaking brilliance of humanity – even when unimaginable evil strikes.”

She was fined $2000 and her license was disqualified for 22 months.