Most-read posts of 2023

Most-read posts of 2023

There’s still a few days remaining, but it’s unlikely these Top posts on TV Tonight in 2023 will be toppled in the traffic they amassed.

They represent a mix of industry news, programming and on-air moments.

To make the Top 10 it’s almost essential the story draws upon international traffic, which clearly happened a few times amongst this bunch.

1. ABC apologises over Four Corners report. April 5, 2023

ABC apologised to a to First Nations person named in a 2021 report on Labor kingmaker Eddie Obeid. ABC issued its apology to Len Roberts, and a former Councillor of the MidCoast Council, and a member and former CEO of the Karuah Local Aboriginal Land Council following a Four Corners report in November 2021. ‘Obeid Inc.’ by reporter Angus Griggs exposed alleged secret deals making the family of Labor kingmaker Eddie Obeid millions. Obeid was sentenced to jail for a second time, after being found guilty alongside one of his sons of conspiring to rig a lucrative mining tender to benefit the family. But in April ABC issued their apology to Len Roberts for the broadcast and transcript published online.

2. Airdate: Clarkson’s Farm. November 20, 2023

A simple post on the Free to Air debut of Jeremy Clarkson’s UK series, which had previously screened on Prime Video, drew mega traffic. Alas, it didn’t translate into bumper ratings for Nine but at least it’s a ‘free’ way to watch for those who waited patiently. Why the traffic surge? Put this one down to international traffic who may have though a new season was about to drop.

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3. “We have a dedicated and wonderful team of people that care for Molly” March 21, 2023

Public displays by Molly Meldrum earlier this year may not have been his finest moment, but some media should be ashamed for the way they turned this into clickbait. Molly is a senior and fragile and despite the best intentions by his carers, two moments, at Elton John and Rod Stewart concerts, it drew headines. Carers told the Herald Sun the music legend was “embarrassed” and “sorry” after footage emerged. “I took Molly along with my mother and a friend who helps with Molly (a paramedic) to the Rod Stewart concert last week,” Meldrum’s assistant Alan Evers-Buckland said. “Unfortunately you can’t control everything or see everything no matter how dedicated you are or vigilant you are. “Molly is embarrassed and of course sorry. He has given so much. He needs our love and support.”

4. UK broadcaster cuts ties with Escape To The Chateau couple. May 18 2023.

British broadcaster Channel 4 severed ties with Escape To The Chateau stars Dick and Angel Strawbridge following reports that the couple had clashed with producers. Channel 4 ordered an independent investigation into their conduct. Concerns were originally raised by production company Two Rivers Media who said: “We can confirm that we will no longer work with Dick and Angel and cannot comment further at the moment.” A Channel 4 spokeswoman said: “Following a review, we have taken the decision not to work with Dick and Angel on any new productions in the future.” Later the couple claimed  they made the decision to stop filming Escape to the Chateau themselves in 2021, and informed Channel 4 by email in January 2022.

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5. “Goodbye cable”: End of an era for Foxtel. November 22, 2023

Two posts on Foxtel’s cable network made the Top 10. In late October Foxtel finally switched off the last of its cable network to subscribers. Migrating customers from cable across to mostly internet-delivered services proved to be one of the largest projecever undertaken at the company. While the cable network dates back to 1995, over two thirds of its 4.7 million customers are now streaming.

6. Returning: Reacher. November 27, 2023

Another programming post pulled in viewers only a month ago, when Season 2 of Reacher starring Alan Ritchson was confirmed for Prime Video in mid-December. Season Two also features Maria Sten, Serinda Swan, Shaun Sipos, Domenick Lombardozzi, Ferdinand Kingsley and Robert Patrick.

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7. Vale: Mark Goddard. October 15, 2023

It wasn’t high profile deaths like Barry Humphries, Jock Zonfrillo or Cal Wilson that grabbed reader attention so much as US actor Mark Goddard, best known for Lost in Space.  Goddard, who died of pulmonary fibrosis aged 87, played Major Don West, the hot-tempered pilot of the Jupiter 2 from 1965–1968.

8. Australian Story episode pulled from iview. September 22, 2023

Confusion reigned when music rights around an Australian Story episode on Silverchair left replays unavailable. Daniel Johns and his music industry veteran brother Heath, who oversees his business affairs, had given clearance on tracks to be used on broadcast -but not for iview replay.

9. End of an era as Foxtel nears cable switch-off. June 15, 2023

A second Foxtel cable story, earlier in the year, signalled the end was nigh and drew high traffic.

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10. Kerri-Anne quits the jungle. April 7, 2023.

Kerri-Anne’s insistence she would not partake in the I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here tucker trial was one of the year’s highlights -or lowlights. Former MAFS participant Domenica Calarco questioned her commitment and asked why she agreed to join the series. But in the heat of the moment, it got personal. Dom accused her of contract privileges, referring to special conditions she had been granted including make-up and avoiding some physical trials.When KAK said that if she did leave, Dom could have her make-up, Dom dropped one of the year’s best unscripted lines: “I don’t want your 1989 Revlon lipstick darl.”

11. Returning: All Creatures Great & Small
12. ACMA receives complaints on The Block
13. Returning: Endeavour
14. Big Brother 2023: meet the cast
15. Bumped: Big Brother
16. Auditions: MasterChef Australia 2024
17. Networks may pull apps from Amazon Fire TV
18. “Sorry folks but no Media Watch for me tonight”
19. “Fast” Ed Halmagyi to depart Better Homes & Gardens
20. Vale: Swami Sarasvati