MasterChef, Snare Slots Cheap Seats, Seven & Nine battle for share on Tuesday.

MasterChef, Snare Slots Cheap Seats, Seven & Nine battle for share on Tuesday.

Tuesday 10 led the key primetime slots, while Seven and Nine battled for the evening quota.

10, Nine and ABC were all in a close battle for the precious 7:30 slot. Master Chef Australia just won a 434,000 tube viewers, pipping Parental orientation to 433,000.

Then there were 7:30 (421,000), a rare Tuesday edition of Better houses and gardens (322,000), The ABC’s of (321,000) e Who do you think you are? (210,000).

After The cheap seats it drew 379,000 then Dolphins: Is Our Love Too Deep? (223,000), The rookie (196,000), Million dollar murders (170,000) and Intuition (149,000).

Both Seven and Nine tied on the main channels, but the Seven network won on Tuesday with 27.9%, then Nine 27.1%, 10 19.2%, ABC 16.3% and SBS 9.5%.

Seven news was number 1 with 960,000/936,000 for Seven. Hunting it outsold Entertainment at 572,000/339,000. Away from home it was 505,000. The Rookie: Feds he drew 121,000.

Nine news (855,000/808,000) was the best for Nine. A current deal he was then leading by 633,000 Hot seat (431,000 / 277,000). Nine late news it was 103,000.

The project it was 289,000 / 196,000 times 10. 10 news first it was 232,000 / 153,000. A teaser episode of The Stallone family it handled 164,000 (the rest of the series is on Paramount+).

ABC News it was 568,000. The houses that built Australia (158,000) e The drum (155,000) followed.

On SBS it was News from the SBS world (128,000 / 81,000), date (96,000) and Mind (81,000).

7TWO Bargain hunting brought multi-channels to 103,000.

Sunrise: 218,000
Today: 203,000
News Breakfast: 96,000 / 40,000

In Total TV last Tuesday’s numbers were:

The rookie: 537,000
The summit: 752,000
Master Chef Australia: 802,000
Who do you think you are?: 338,000
Away from home: 973,000
Ningaloo Nyinggulu: 451,000

OzTAM Overnight stays: Tuesday 6 June 2023