MasterChef Final and DWTS Tie Sunday

MasterChef Final and DWTS Tie Sunday

Although their time slots varied, both Master Chef Australia grand finale and dancing with the Stars tied up 614,000 subway viewers last night.

Master Chef outperformed the demos and was up to 698,000 for winner announced with Brent Draper, though both numbers are down from winner 755,000/875,000 ann.

Somewhere else 60 minutes it was 556,000 e Restoration Australia he drew 417,000.

New drama from ABC Bay of Fires (384,000) landed before 7News headlines (351,000) e The murder of Lyn Dawson (337,000) then Nine Investigation of Charlie Teo (234,000) which was a 60 minutes replay repackaged.

A late night Wimbledon Final scored up to 253,000.

Seven network won Sunday with 28.4% then Nine 27.7%, 10 20.1%, ABC 14.4% and SBS 9.4%.

Seven news it was still No. 1 at 838,000. The last one it was 236,000.

Nine news drew 837,000 with a late edition at 147,000.

The Sunday Project pulled 279,000 / 174,000. 10 news first it was 176,000 / 156,000. A replay of Location Location Location Australia managed 160,000.

ABC News it was 534,000. Compass (160,000) and The beast must die (149,000) followed.

On SBS it was News from the SBS world (179,000 / 109,000), Hindenburg: Cover up (120,000) and Tour of France (110,000).

Insiders topped multichannel at 113,000.

In Total TV last Sunday’s numbers were:

Limbo: 387,000
Ash series: 1.2m
Master Chef Italy: 778,000
Insiders: 563,000
FBI: 278,000
The Murder of Lyn Dawson: 570,000
dancing with the Stars: 1.03m

OzTAM Overnight stays: Sunday 16 July 2023.