Mary Coustas remembers unpublished episodes of Gonne

Mary Coustas remembers unpublished episodes of Gonne

dancing with the Stars contender Mary Coustas is happy to show her serious side as well as her comedic personas.

“I like to do high drama or comedy. I like highs. I’m not that big in the middle. I’m useless in the middle of the road,” she insists.

Her return to Seven comes after her celebrated run as Effie Acropolis now from 1989 to 1992, but there were other projects including a dramatic turn in the police drama skirtsfor which 40 episodes were made in 1990. The cast also included Tracy Mann, Antoinette Byron, Nicholas Bell and Sally-Anne Upton.

But there are doubts that the last 14 episodes ever aired.

“I shot a very dramatic episode getting stuck in an elevator with a dead body. I don’t know if it has ever seen the light of day. It was always going to be a hard-hitting drama. and then they put us up at 7:30 after that Disney on a Sunday night and that’s when the soap (storylines) started appearing. And I’m like, ‘I don’t think we’re doing drama anymore!’ she says TV tonight.

“It was a great idea, very motivated by Hill Street Blues and all that kind of stuff. All gender comments and issues that have been brought up by male cops to female cops. The title was an example of what they called them ‘skirts.’ only by undermining their own abilities. It started out as a great idea. I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s going to be fine.’

“There are people who really liked it. I just wanted it to hit more.