Love Island 2023: meet the cast

Love Island 2023: meet the cast

Season 5 of Love Island Australia will premiere on Nine in two week’s time.

Hosted again by Sophie Monk the series filmed once again at a villa in a Mallorca, Spain.

The series narrated by Stephen Mullan is produced by ITV Studios Australia.

Here are the first 10 singles revealed -at least until new hunks and bombshells shake up the coupling. They include a former MAFS participant, an ex FOX Sports staffer and an ex-Mormon.

The prize is $50,000 but will it be shared equally between the winning couple?

Sophie Monk said: “This year be prepared to expect the unexpected – it’s not as predictable as previous years. I can usually pick who will find love and stay together, but the Islanders have surprised me every day.”

There will be a wicked new power shift where the girls will take charge, following the juicy new villain era, risky challenges, date nights, and plenty more drama and romance to keep eyes glued to the screen and hearts racing, before the winning couple of Love Island Australia 2023 is decided by the viewers.

Josh Moss and 2023 Logie Nominee Flex Mami are back with even more hot Love Island gossip and saucy interviews with season two of I’ve Got A Text With Josh and Flex, exclusive to 9Now. If you can’t get enough Love Island goodness, Josh and Flex are breaking down everything that goes on inside the Villa and getting all the juicy updates on life after Mallorca, straight from the Islanders themselves. 

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Sophie Monk

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Kirra Schofield
Age: 26
Occupation: Early Childhood Educator
From: Perth, WA

Kirra will be familiar to many fans of reality TV, after appearing on Married at First Sight this year. She was there to support her sister Bronte, who was going through some tough times with her husband Harrison, and Kirra made a memorable appearance. Now she is looking forward to her own crack at love on television as part of the Love Island Australia cast. After three relationships, she has been single for six months and is ready to have another go at finding love. Her last relationship was full of passion, then it fizzled out. She would like to find that passion again. Speaking of her past romances, she said: “I have had three. My first one was when I was 16, in high school, and on and off. “The second one was when I was 19 and we ended terribly, I never want to see him again. The last one was a few months ago, that was for about six months. We started hot and heavy and then we hit the floor pretty hard. He was great, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.” Bronte gave her some advice before she entered the Villa.”She said just be yourself and be strong and you will be fine,” Kirra said. In what has been a crazy year of reality TV for her family, it’s Kirra’s turn to step up and enjoy the experience. When asked about her experience on MAFS this year, she replied: “Intense, because me and my sister Bronte are so supportive of each other and we fight for each other, so to see what she was going through was so full-on. “I feel like I take on her problems and what she does. When someone does her dirty, I am out for that person too. When I was hearing what she was going through it was tough, but I had to stand up for her.”

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Tyra Johannes
Age: 23
Occupation: Accounts
From: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Tyra from the Sunshine Coast is a ray of sunshine herself. She lights up any room she enters and that now includes the Love Island Australia Villa. Tyra has had no luck with men so far, including being ghosted by a former rugby league player. She wants to change that in the Villa and is genuinely looking for love. She describes herself as an emotionally aware person, a bit goofy, carefree, fun and super chilled. Tyra knows what she is looking for: a man who is funny, tall and handsome, confident, loyal, knows what he wants, and is also handy around the house. She is of South African heritage and grew up in Queensland. At school Tyra was popular and had a stint as school captain, so she isn’t shy of public speaking. She will be a constant support for the girls and guys in the Villa. “This opportunity has come at the right time and I am going to just go for it in the Villa, have fun and do something that is unique and a once in a lifetime experience.”

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Nakia Pires
Age: 21
Occupation: Store Worker
From: Adelaide, SA

Nakia hails from a farm outside Adelaide in rural South Australia and recently moved to the city. She works in a clothing warehouse and is an animal lover. Her dog Oakley is the light of her life. While many love a man who is a muscled-up gym junkie, Nakia says that is a turn-off. She is looking for a down to earth handsome man. She describes herself as brutally honest and won’t be afraid to voice her opinions. Part of the whole experience she is looking forward to is making friends with the other girls in the Villa. After being in a two and a half year relationship that broke up last year, Nakia spent time working on herself and now believes the time is right to seriously start dating again. “I’ve had a great few months but I’m ready to put myself out there and find love again,” she said. When asked what she’s looking for in a man, Nakia said: “I’m looking for someone who is a massive animal lover, because I am. “Someone who is driven, funny and can match my energy. I want to find my best friend to fall in love with. And he has to be tall.”

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Tia Gregory
Age: 24
Occupation: Real Estate
From: Canberra, ACT

Super savvy and ambitious, as soon as she walks in the Villa, Tia will be turning heads. She wants to go on the show to find real love and says she is over the limited dating pool in the nation’s capital. Tia has been single for the past five years and she is ready to find someone and settle down. She wants a guy who is funny and genuine, and likes to party every now and then. In the past she has been attracted to bad boys and tattoos, but she wants to change that in the Villa. Tia has focused on her career in real estate the last few years and is an up-and-coming go-getter. She loves to experience the finer things in life after working hard and recently bought herself a Mercedes-Benz as a present. “This experience of going into the Villa is so out of my comfort zone, but I am ready to have fun,” she said.

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Savanah Badger
Age: 26
Occupation: Law Graduate
From: Canberra, ACT

Outgoing law graduate Savanah could be mistaken for being the Australian version of Legally Blonde. She graduated from her six-year law degree last year with honours, and often with her pet chihuahua Mr Cheeto by her side. Now she’s having a gap year as she figures out if she wants to become a junior lawyer. In the past she has not had much luck with men, admitting to an attraction to toxic, tanned types with tattoos, and she is hoping to break that habit in Spain. She is looking for a man who accepts her for who she is, one she can have a laugh and a dance with. Savanah has no filter and she suspects that will be the same in the Villa, so watch out. She is the kind of girl everyone wants as their best friend when they get to know her. In the past she has been judged as a dumb blonde but she is far from it, declaring she is one smart cookie. The statuesque blonde also loves to travel interstate to party in the clubs. When asked what she usually goes for in a partner, she added: “Normally I go for feralish boys, the bad boys. They have to have a tan and I like boys that are really big, strong and masculine. I also don’t mind a man who looks after himself. “One of my ex-boyfriends used to get manicures and pedicures and I don’t mind that. I want them to be funny and cute and have a sense of humour and not take things too seriously.”

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Nate Page
Age: 24
Occupation: Personal Trainer
From: Sydney, NSW

Nate is a personal trainer who is very busy with his clients on Sydney’s northern beaches. Born in the United States, he came to live in Australia when he was four. He has an American father and an Australian mother. He loves going back to the US and did so many times before the COVID-19 pandemic. A strong and honest personality, Nate has morals and is looking for a girl who is the same. He is respectful, kind, and has a deep voice that will get the ladies in the Villa talking. He has played basketball all his life, and wouldn’t mind meeting another athletic girl who loves sports. He studied sports management at university and had a stint working at Fox Sports. “I was doubtful at the beginning if I should do the show, but I’m so glad I made the decision to commit,” he said. His motivation was to get out of his comfort zone for a once in a lifetime experience. He has had three serious relationships, says he’s been hurt, and doesn’t want to get in that position again.

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Zac Nunns
Age: 25
Occupation: Student
From: Melbourne, Victoria

A former electrician, Zac is now studying media and communications and still working out what is next. That includes heading into the Love Island Australia Villa, which he admits has come at a perfect time. From New Zealand initially, Zac has travelled around the world. Boisterous is a word to describe him. He has a huge personality and that will be seen very early on. “I’m looking forward to having the summer of a lifetime, meeting new friends and hopefully a girlfriend,” he said. He is looking for a girl that is funny and hot, someone who can work with his fun and full-on personality. His last relationship was with a Brazilian and he ended up moving to Brazil, before returning to Australia. That relationship fizzled out.

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Ben Richardson
Age: 22
Occupation: Videographer and Content Creator
From: Sydney, NSW

In the Villa, Ben is set to be the fashionista, with his own trendy style. The boys will love borrowing his clothes for the famous parties at night. Born in Australia, Ben is of Filipino descent and has lots of family back in the Philippines who he wants to make proud while being in the Villa. “I’m very creative and it would be nice to find a girl to share that with,” he said. Ben has been single since high school, but he is looking for a serious girlfriend and admits he is husband material at 22, ready to settle down. He will make the perfect OG Islander and is ready to have fun, find love, and step out of his comfort zone. So will the girls swoon?

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Ollie Lawson
Age: 24
Occupation: FIFO Mining Electrician
From: Perth, WA

With bright white veneers he proudly displays, Ollie will enter the Villa and the girls won’t be able to take their eyes off of him. Charismatic and someone who takes care of himself, Ollie has been waiting to do a show like Love Island Australia for a while and hopes it brings new opportunities. Ollie grew up in England in a Mormon family before leaving the church to come to Australia. He loves living here because of the beaches, the women and the opportunity to make good money working as an electrician in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. Ollie won’t be afraid to speak his mind in the Villa, which will win him fans with some of the Islanders, though others might not be happy about it. He has strong opinions and lives his life by being honest and direct, and that will be the same in the Villa. Ollie wants to bring some British banter to the show and have the time of his life while doing it and hoping for love. Very single and ready to mingle, he generally has a type, Latinos. “I’m ready to give it a real good crack. It’s going to be hopefully a summer of love,” he said.

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Trent Woolman
Age: 25
Occupation: Tower Crane Operator
From: Melbourne, Victoria

Trent grew up near Horsham in western Victoria, but he has called Melbourne home for the past few years. He works with his cousins and best mate, and has the motto of working hard and playing hard. Trent was a star Australian Rules footy player when he was a teenager before a back injury put a stop to a career in the big time. He went to school with Phoebe Spiller, who went all the way last year on Love Island Australia with her now partner, Mitch Eliot. He admits he has had a crush on Phoebe in the past and they have hooked up before, but he is happy that she has found love with Mitch. Before going on Love Island Australia, Trent had a certain type: models. He has had some on and off “situationships” in recent years, but says going into the Villa is all about finding someone to settle down with: “I can’t wait to get in there and try and find real true love.” A very popular guy with an outgoing personality, Trent will easily make friends with the girls and the boys. He is also straightforward and doesn’t beat around the bush, which might ruffle some feathers in the Villa.

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