Logie Awards: Red Carpet Guests, Presenters Confirmed.

Logie Awards: Red Carpet Guests, Presenters Confirmed.

Dr. Chris Brown has been confirmed as this year’s host Logie Awards red carpet, with Sonia Kruger (as a tip) on Sunday July 30th.

Sonia Kruger said: “I would like to thank Seven Network for this early Christmas present. I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Chris Brown on the main event appetizer, main course if you will, featuring the yummy Sam Pang.

“Chris has such great natural charisma and a brilliant sense of humor. With my brains and Chris’ beauty, this red carpet show is going to be fresh, funny, unpredictable, and bigger than ever. It will be one of the best nights ever for both the television industry and viewers at home. I can’t wait.

Chris Brown added: “As far as I’m concerned, Sonia Kruger is the Logical. Naturally funny, fearless, flawless and a party animal. So while it may be a duty of care situation that they paired her with a vet, I genuinely look forward to working with her on the red carpet show.

“There is real excitement around the Logical be unpredictable this year. And nothing says unpredictable like putting a colorblind like me on the red carpet. However, luring Sam Pang off the green at the local golf course to host might be the wildest swing of all. I honestly can’t wait!”

The presenters were also confirmed as follows: Abbie Chatfield, Alan Fletcher, Celeste Barber, Colin Fassnidge, Emma Hamilton, Grant Denyer, Joel Creasey, Kat Stewart, Kyle Sandilands, Kylie Gillies, Larry Emdur, Lincoln Younes, Lynne McGranger, Mark Coles Smith, Marta Dusseldorp, Matt Shirvington, Mick Molloy, Natalie Barr, Osher Günsberg, Poh Ling Yeow, Rodger Corser, Samantha Armytage, Sophie Monk, Stephen Peacocke and Tony Armstrong.

Seven sends the 63rd Television Week Logie Awardshosted by comedian Sam Pang on Sunday 30th July from 7pm.