Liz Hayes: “Crimestoppers would like us to stop”

Liz Hayes: “Crimestoppers would like us to stop”

Under Investigation returns to Nine this week for its sixth season.

Liz Hayes said recently,”Crimestoppers would like us to stop, almost, because they’re getting so many people calling them.

“We met with them and they said ‘Please stop it!’ But that’s a great outcome and we’re very pleased about that. We’ve also had some cases reopened, and I think that’s a major plus.”

There are 8 new episodes this season including, “Death of a Model,” “I Am the Law,” “Spy Nation”.

“Under Investigation is looking into all sorts of crime and our endeavour, I guess is to reexamine, investigate, but also find some resolution and solving the crimes wherever we can. That’s hard to do, because cops should have done that! And quite often we’ve found that they haven’t,” she said.

“It’s been quite an experience because this is a part of our life which is really tough for a lot of people. Under Investigation is quite often the last roll of the dice, in trying to get to the bottom of it, and to find the truth.

“It allows us to gather some of the best minds in the business, to sit around and look at the evidence, question people, and really uncover things that should have been uncovered before. I find it quite extraordinary that a programme can do that. But we are, and we are getting some extraordinary results.

She also teased the first episode, “The Snake and the Shotgun” about a mother fatally shot in the back by her husband while searching for a snake in her garage.

“How do you shoot your wife in the back at point blank range and that’s an accident?”

9pm Wednesday on Nine.