Lego Masters, MasterChef, coronation concert battle on Monday.

Lego Masters, MasterChef, coronation concert battle on Monday.

To appreciate last night’s ratings results, you have to take into consideration the show tagging, which allows short portions of the program to float to the top of the heap.

In general, a long program can see its average show trend downwards because not all viewers make it to the end. Or sometimes with season finales, viewers may even just turn on at the end just to see the outcome.

That said, here’s how last night went…

Lego Masters the finale attracted 576,000 tube spectators rising to 598,000 by the time Scott and Owen were announced as winners.

Master Chef Australia -which remained with a single number for its second outing- was 557,000.

Seven’s broadcast of Coronation concert he averaged 535,000 rising to 584,000 for his final segment, doubling down on a late change by Nine to replay the event at 9 p.m. (250,000).

7:30 it was 459,000 then Australian history (405,000).

Elsewhere they were Multimedia observation (415,000) and Four corners (372,000).

Seven network won on Monday with 29.6%, then Nine 28.5%, 10 17.55, ABC 17.0% and SBS 7.5%.

Seven news was number 1 at 1.04m / 996,000 with Hunting very strong at 597,000 / 362,000. Away from home he drew 503,000. 911 it was 197,000.

Nine news (839,000/818,000) was the best for Nine. A current deal it was 671,000. Hot seat it was 388,000 / 235,000. A midday broadcast of the Coronation concert he drew 155,000.

The project he drew 337,000 / 207,000 for 10. 10 news first it was 267,000 / 177,000. Ghosts (154,000) e FBI: Most Wanted (93,000) were next.

ABC News it was 615,000. D+R (201,000) e The drum (163,000) followed.

On SBS it was News from the SBS world (131,000 / 144,000), The Rise of the Nazis: The Fall (94,000), Secrets of the Tower of London (88,000), Mind (86,000) e Race for the sky (80,000).

Hi Duggee on ABC Kids it drove multichannel to 116,000.

Sunrise: 209,000
Today: 198,000
News Breakfast: 92,000 / 47,000

In Total TV last Monday’s numbers were:

911: Lonely star: 329,000
911: 572,000
Lego Masters: 944,000
The farmer wants a wife: 1,189 m
Multimedia observation: 758,000

Overnight stays OzTAM: Monday 8 May 2023