LaToya Jackson unmasked as Burger Gal

LaToya Jackson unmasked as Burger Gal

Grammy winning La Toya Jackson was a surprise performer unmasked on 10’s Masked Singer.

Performing Doja Cat and SZA’s Kiss Me More as a costumed Burger Gal, she was successfully identified by Mel.

“Good job, Mel!” said Jackson.

But the guessing panel were nonetheless jointly gob-smacked by her appearance.

Jackson, who is in fact vegetarian, was a good get by the 10 series

“I love this show. I will go anywhere to do this show. This is my third (time) actually,” she said referring to US and Spanish versions.

Not even her family knew what she was up to.

“They don’t know. I didn’t tell anyone; my mother doesn’t even know! We were all on a family conference yesterday, they said ‘What are you doing in Australia?’ I said ‘Just work, just having fun…’”

Remaining acts include Cowgirl, Grim Reaper, Bouncer, Snow Fox, Orca, one of whom will be unmasked tonight.