Kochie to take action on fake ads

Kochie to take action on fake ads


Former Sunrise host David Koch is taking legal action over fake ads which repeatedly use his likeness and name to sell products or scam unsuspecting users.

“I’m involved in an action with the ACCC that will come to light soon. And I’m looking at taking other action against platforms in the near future,” he recently told TV Tonight.

“I got an email yesterday from a lady who invested $10,000 in one of these fake ads. She’s 72 and the ad came on her Holy Bible app. I never knew there was a Holy Bible app but I shouldn’t be surprised, there’s an app for everything. She got sucked in with one of these fake ads on the Holy Bible. It’s getting frickin’ ridiculous.”

He took to social media yesterday over the latest fake ad, tagging the ACCC in the process.

But Kochie is also frustrated at how long the process is taking.

“I’m looking at other measures now because that’s taking so long, because it’s damaging my brand.”