Kochie: “I wanted to go at the end of last year”

Kochie: “I wanted to go at the end of last year”

David Koch has confirmed that seven bosses convinced him to stay when he wanted to leave in late 2022.

Koch has signed a new two-year period Sunrise contract, but the details today spill over to more than anticipated.

“I wanted to go there at the end of last year. The guys at Seven said ‘You can do six months and then maybe do big financial stuff for 18 months later… a year later?’ They have been fantastic,” he said 3AW.

He confirmed he would still be seen on financial matters.

“Yes as a guest, sometimes. As you know, these are my roots. She always has been…. I’m a financial nerd at heart, and the Sunrise concert is, if you will, a mistake that’s gotten completely out of control. But I loved it.

Kochie’s replacement will be announced on Monday 5 June.

Natalie Barr was one of the few who knew her announcement was coming today.

On air Natalie Barr said, “The show wouldn’t be what it is today without you.” It has been an amazing trip and we will celebrate it over the next couple of weeks. We are. My kids were writing a book about whether or not I cried. I was doing so well until I saw Nat in the distance behind the camera. It was a very special relationship. There’s a lot to celebrate in the next couple of weeks.”

Edwina Bartholomew said: “It has been a great pleasure to work with @kochie_online for almost 20 years. It is one of a kind. Exactly the same on TV while off the air. An incredible mentor to so many of us at @sunriseon7. My very first job on the show was to help him come up with a suitably awful and vaguely appropriate “joke of the day.” I will always (literally) admire him as a journalist but above all as a father and grandfather. Family is everything to Kochie, and it’s so wonderful that he can now spend more time with Lib and the kids.

Sam Mac shared a text he got from Kochie on his first day at Seven in 2015 that read, “Dude, that was the best time. It was real, connected to our heart, had charm. That road is the face of Australia and we don’t see enough of it. Great morning. Cheers, Kochie.

Mac added, “This was my FIRST day ever Sunrise! I didn’t even have a job yet. I was just a weird guy from The project filling in process. I had no idea if I adapted or bombed spectacularly 🤷🏽‍♂️. The only feedback I got that day was from the star of the show, Kochie! (he took the trouble to find my number). It may seem like a simple gesture, but in the cutthroat TV business, this level of support and kindness is surprisingly rare. That message meant a lot to me and it tells you everything about Kochie’s character.

Source: Seven news