Kamahl backflips on Voice position (again)

Kamahl backflips on Voice position (again)

A little over 24 hours is a long time in the world of veteran singer Kamahl, 88, who admits to many sleepless nights over his much-publicised position on the Voice referendum.

Having stated he would be voting No, then Yes, he appeared on News Breakfast on Saturday.

“Changing my mind wasn’t too difficult, because the No was a flippant No. It was not an educated No,” he told ABC.

He continued, “I really hope No doesn’t get in… it’s for a Yes vote because there is nothing to be gained by a No vote, even though there would be a whole lot of problems with Yes.”

That interview is here.

But by Sunday night in a confusing interview on The Project, he had changed his position once again saying his partially-informed Yes vote was now a fully-informed No vote.

“If you do the Voice this way, it becomes a racist issue. You’re putting a whole race of people separate from the rest of the country,’ he said.

“I apologise, call me a hypocrite or uninformed but I am informed now. Whatever I said before now, wipe it out, but start all over again and forgive me.”

Kamahl’s change even comes after a tweet insisting:

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