Jock Zonfrillo’s family overwhelmed by messages of support

Jock Zonfrillo’s family overwhelmed by messages of support

Jock Zonfillo’s wife, Lauren Fried, took to social media to thank the fans for their many messages of support and to ask them a question.

“It’s been a month since we lost Jock, and I’ve put a line in the sand thinking that at the one month mark I’m going to turn some kind of corner. Of course that didn’t happen,” he told her.

“There is no time I could spare to say thank you to everyone. I’m just overwhelmed by the messages that have come in from people all over the world who knew or didn’t know him.

“I really wish he knew how loved he was, that he knew the impact he had on so many people.”

She said she and Jock “have been working really hard on her social media” and needed to make a decision about whether to continue.

Jock had worked on various projects including “behind the scenes photos and interviews from Master Chefbooks, a trendy range, has spirits that are aged in a distillery in Tasmania,” he said.

“He has a TV show that he filmed in Italy last year with his family. And so, as I’m pondering what’s appropriate or not.

“If I don’t really know what’s right, I’ll put a poll here and you guys can tell me yes or no. And somehow we’ll figure out if there’s a way forward here or if we do nothing at all.”

The post received many supportive and understanding comments with fans saying they’d be happy to see whatever Lauren feels comfortable sharing.