iview hits attract more younger viewers to ABC

iview hits attract more younger viewers to ABC

Aunt Donna’s coffee it may not necessarily draw huge crowds to the nightly ratings, but ABC says it’s drawing more younger viewers to iview, where all six episodes were available at launch.

Speaking to Screen Forever, ABC comedy head Todd Abbott was asked about recent shows being successful for audiences under the age of 30.

“I don’t think it’s a secret that television audiences generally aren’t made up largely of Under 30s, but that’s obviously one of the reasons why we’re really focused on ABC iView and really trying to populate it,” he said.

“The things that have been working for that audience for us recently, obviously Aunt Donna that’s on right now, it’s really resonating with that segment of the audience, which is exciting and that’s exactly what we wanted it to do. Also, it’s because they have a very impressive social media presence. They are heavily involved in a sort of multi-pronged approach (even with TikTok).

“Interestingly, our biggest success in the last two years IRSit was the number one ranked, scripted show – drama or comedy – across all broadcast services in Australia, which is staggering.

“He actually hit with every demo. It’s not a show you’d immediately think of as… for the under 30s. But they made up a pretty significant portion of that audience, like every other demo.

ABC also noted dramas like The Newsreader, Savage River, Mystery Road: Origin is attracting 35+ viewers on iview.