”I’ve never seen Sophie Monk be so passionate about Die Hard being a Christmas film”

”I’ve never seen Sophie Monk be so passionate about Die Hard being a Christmas film”

According by to Sophie Monk, Die Hard is one of her favourite Christmas films.

No doubt it’s a ripping film, but Andy Lee admits to being surprised it made the list of Christmas films in a new segment on The Hundred with Andy Lee Christmas special.

“We’ve got a new segment called ‘This or That’ where we provide Australians with two options and they have to pick which ones they prefer,” Andy Lee explains.

”I’ve never seen Sophie be so passionate about Die Hard being a Christmas film, and not an action film!

“She suggests that Die Hard is more of a Christmas film than Home Alone. I think she’s mad!”

It’s but one of the observations learned  from the show’s questions where people’s reactions spill plenty about their personality.

“There’s a lot of fun topics, including what percent of Australians fight on Christmas Day?” he continued.

“You’ll find out how many people got broken arms from Christmas bon-bons last year in Australia, which I quite liked as a topic.”

The special given a prime Sunday slot also features Tommy Little and Anne Edmonds.

“I had to remind Tommy particularly it was an earlier timeslot because some of the things weren’t gonna fly. I find more fun editing this one than the others but they did an amazing job.

“On Face the Hundred we managed to secure Mrs. Claus, which is no main feat -she’s obviously very busy around this time of year. Channel Nine have done an amazing job to to get her as a big name. She asked The Hundred a lot of questions that reflect her like, ‘How many of you have a husband that you think should retire?’ I think she’s a bit sick of working on Christmas Day.”

Mrs Claus gets a little help from cracking Aussie actor Sally-Anne Upton.

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“She thought she was coming on just to follow the script but Tommy was doing his best to make sure it turned into Thank God You’re Here, asking Mrs. Claus all types of questions that were off the brief.”

Lee also admits the show took care to be inclusive of those who don’t celebrate Christmas as a religious occasion.

“Certainly, we’re mindful of that. Australia (at Christmas) is becoming less and less a religious period. We tackle it more as the festive season. It’s more about family get-togethers, so we do a whole segment on cooking… does mum always sit over your shoulder still telling you what to do as an adult? Or whether people will attempt a new recipe on Christmas Day for big family gatherings,” he asks.

So how will Lee be celebrating the season with partner Rebecca Harding.

“We split the Christmas duties and this year, we’re going to spend Christmas Day with Bec’s folks. They’re a hoot. They love a drink so normally,that goes well into the evening. We’ll wake up very dusty then go and see my family,” he admits.

“The Lee family Christmas on Boxing Day will involve my brother and his wife, my nephews and nieces and all of us down the coast, which is great. I’ve done Christmas in England and in New York, and I just love the summer Christmas. It’s just so laid back compared to what happens over there.

“Tactically I do the turkey on a rotisserie. I just have to press run one that makes it rotate but I still maintain that it takes three hours. It’s an old trick, like when I tell my partner that I’ll put the bins out and pretend it takes 20 minutes, just so I know I’ve got a bit of my own time. That’s definitely how I rock with the cooking on Christmas Day.”

The Hundred With Andy Lee Christmas special 7pm Sunday on Nine.