Israel delays Eurovision national selection

Israel delays Eurovision national selection

Israel has halted a broadcast of its national selection for Eurovision 2024.

Known to us abroad as Rising Star or “The Next Star for Eurovision 2024,” the show was originally set to be filmed three weeks ago. But when Hamas launched its attacks on Israel on 7 October.

Whilst filming started last week the programme was due to screen this week. Rather than having an audience present in the auditions, hitting buttons when they like an act, a focus group was used to determine 40% of the score.

Broadcaster Keshet recently said, “After many weeks…we feel that the time has come to take a breath and take solace in something a little different. There is no doubt that of all the things in the world, music is the simplest and deepest way to connect and cheer us up, which is why we decided to progress the opening of the season of The Next Star for Eurovision.”

“This will not be a normal season opener. It will be adapted to the situation, but we are sure that a little music can only help. The Next Star for Eurovision begins the journey with small steps, at the end of which we will have an Israeli representative who will show the whole world who we are.”

But the broadcast this week was also halted due to the fall of two IDF soldiers.

A message on behalf of Keshet later stated: “In light of the news that was allowed to be published, The Next Star will not be broadcast tonight. Our hearts go out to the families.”

Source: Wiwibloggs, Instagram