Isaac leaves The Summit with $250,000

Isaac leaves The Summit with $250,000

Three of the most unlikely trekkers from the reality series Nine The summit he made it to the top of a frozen mountain in New Zealand’s South Island and walked away with major prize money.

A fourth trekker, Jans, was cruelly shot down in the final episode.

First Nations musician Isaac, 33, of Dubbo, who nearly quit the trip mid-series, emerged with the largest share of a remaining $490,000 kitten, awarded $250,000.

10 other casts were eliminated on the hike in a series of votes and tests, but given the power to serve as a judging panel, Survivedstyle, and decide how to divide the money. As host Jai Courtney said to the final trio, “be nice to those going up, because you never know who you’ll meet coming down.”

Issac said: “Reaching the top of the peak was the greatest achievement of my life. I pushed my mind and body to new heights and made some lifelong friends along the way.

“The first thing I’m going to do with the money is buy my mom a new kitchen. Thanks to the Channel 9 and Endemol Shine teams. You gave me the opportunity to change my life.”

Single mom and psychology student Brooke, 38 from Adelaide, was awarded $150,000.

“Reaching the top is a huge personal achievement for me in more ways than anyone could imagine. The game was grueling, but I arrived well prepared with a strategy that required careful planning every day throughout the experience.

“Winning the money will change my life. The first thing I will buy is a new car. I’ll put the rest away for a deposit on a house.

Boxer and mother Lulu, 38, of Fremantle was awarded the remaining $90,000 after some actors contested her decision to drop them from the contest.

“It means so much to me to be at the top of the peak. Getting in touch with my grit and determination, chasing thrills and reaching the pinnacle of excitement. And inspiring my kids, family, girls and women who can do anything. There is no obstacle too big that we cannot overcome. Anything is possible,” she said.

During the grueling 14-day hike, flanked by spectacular scenery, the cast was unaware of the reality twists and turns they would face. But that won’t be lost on any future cast should Nine choose to renew the show.

The summit he also faced something of his uphill battle against the likes of The farmer wants a wife AND Master Chef Australia (from the same production company). Nine remains optimistic about its new format and hopes to see it sold internationally.

In Total TV’s numbers the show averages 720,000.