Insiders log out of the Melbourne studio

Insiders log out of the Melbourne studio

Insiders yesterday concluded a 21-year run in Melbourne, predominantly from its Southbank studios since 2007.

ABC recently confirmed that the show will be moving to Canberra, where host David Speers recently relocated. This will save travel costs for guests, but will see at least two crew roles disappear from the production.

Presenter David Speers said: “It has been an absolute privilege to work with this team of professionals. They never miss a beat no matter where the program flow sometimes goes. I will miss working with you, Danny and Goran, and our regular pre-show chats about what happened in politics during the week.

He continued: “To all the team in Melbourne, our graphic operator Katie Hawking, everyone in the control room and also the incredible crew here in the studio. Live TV can have its moments, but knowing you’re in the hands of a trusted team like this, one of the best in the business, is incredibly comforting. So thank you all. It was an honor to share my Sunday mornings here in Melbourne with you. “

A spokesperson for ABC News recently said: “Canberra is where Australia’s big national decisions are made and where decision makers and most Insiders guests and speakers, are based.

“It makes sense that there is also the program. It means that we are much closer to the action of Parliament, but also of the Press Office, the Public Service, the Diplomatic and Defense Corps”.