Insiders begins a new chapter from the Canberra studio

Insiders begins a new chapter from the Canberra studio

“A lot of political history in this studio,” David Speers told viewers yesterday Insiders broadcast its first show from Canberra studios to Northbourne.

According to The Australian virtually the entire set was taken from Melbourne to Canberra by truck.

As soon as InsidersThe last Melbourne show concluded just over two weeks ago, the entire set being dismantled and loaded onto three separate trucks, before being slowly driven to Melbourne. It was then refitted in its new Canberra home.

While this was being done, ABC had a special, one-off edition of Insiders by the National Press Club of Canberra.

With the set now fully transplanted, the only change was to alter the background image from the Melbourne skyline to the Parliament House.

Guardian Australia also reported that two new automatic cameras have been purchased for ABC’s Northbourne studio.

Insiders filmed for 21 years in Melbourne.