How do you win Australian Survivor?

How do you win Australian Survivor?

To win Australian Survivor and its $500,000 prize, the Reality show demands you outwit, outplay and outlast all others in the tribe.

But does that mean being the best physical threat, the best strategic threat, someone who flies under the radar or a combination of them all?

“You gotta have a really good social game,” host Jonathan LaPaglia recently told TV Tonight.

“You need the ability to think five steps ahead. But most importantly, I think you’ve got to be willing to take risks. I think those are the three key features to succeeding in this game. And you look at someone like George (2022, 2023) and he has all that, right?

“You could argue that maybe George’s social game is not quite strong enough because even though he gets to the end, he can’t secure everyone’s votes. But those are the three key elements of a good player and that’s what I always look for.”

Meanwhile LaPaglia has been filming Top Gear Australia for Paramount+.

“We started shooting in Australia before Christmas and then afterwards, we were in Colombia. We’re currently in Dallas, getting ready to shoot the next story. And then we go into Europe, and then back to Australia. I’s like a whirlwind tour. It’s like a world tour. It’s crazy.”

Australian Survivor continues 7:30pm Sunday  – Tuesday on 10.