How did Logies make it to the popular nominations this year?

How did Logies make it to the popular nominations this year?

Yesterday a flurry of shows celebrated theirs logie nominations for 2023 in one (or both) of the Popular and Outstanding categories.

The revamp of the Popular categories, which previously required viewers to help garner a shortlist from long shopping lists of shows. This was agreed in 2019 following some criticism that social media campaigns had hijacked them.

In 2023 industry judges determined the popular nominees after networks submitted only 6 nominees per category for shows broadcast between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023, on a major Metro free-to-air, subscription television network or subscription streaming service.

Judges determined nominees based on criteria for audience impact and engagement, PR and social media reach, and 28-day consolidated viewership figure or, in the case of SVODs who keep the numbers under wraps, other audience data.

The public decides the winner of the Popular categories through extensive campaigning (which ironically could still see social media playing a big role).

Two shows were given an exemption as they started two days after the shutdown period I’m a celebrity. Get me out of here (April 2, 2023) e Selling Homes in Australia (March 30, 2022).

With only 6 submissions per category, the networks are also very astute in determining which names are submitted. History tells us that shows that are short-lived or won’t be returning are less likely to be featured than ongoing titles. But while Crazy as hell is named in his final season on hiatus Stay it is not.

Not even Dr. Chris Brown who will be Seven’s talent within two weeks while Julia Morris got a gold nomination.

This year also includes the first nominated Reality TV contestant (Flex Mami: Love Island Australia), as well as the first drag queen (Kween Kong, RuPaul Down Under’s endurance race), both in Best New Talent.

Among the changes under Seven’s broadcast is the voting for gold which will continue, Reality Finale-style, until 10.30pm the same night. All other popular votes will close at 7.30pm at the start of the Ceremony.