Heat debuts in the UK

Heat debuts in the UK

New Australia-UK co-production Heat premiered in the UK on Channel 5.

The 4-part miniseries is the latest creation from writer/producer Jason Herbison (Neighbors, Riptide, Lie to me) this time set during an Australian bushfire.

The synopsis reads: “Heat takes place against the backdrop of looming Australian bushfire season as two families who are longtime friends venture to a secluded house for a summer holiday. As secrets and lies are exposed, it becomes a powder keg and not everyone will make it out alive.

The cast includes Darren McMullen, Jane Allsop, Pia Miranda Olympia Valance, Richie Morris, Eastenders‘ Danny Dyer and newcomers Matia Marks, Matteo Annetta and Hunter Hayden.

Kate Kendal (Neighbors, play to keep) directs with Natalie Mandel (Lie down with me, wanted) as a producer. Production began in mid-November 2022 and concluded in early December.

Britain also screens these types of titles as 4 nightly events in consecutive installments. A date for Australia is yet to be announced by the 10th.


Source: Radio Times