Giveaway: event for Talking Prisoner fans

Giveaway: event for Talking Prisoner fans

This Friday’s newsletter offers 1 free ticket for a Talking prisoner fan event with 5 former cast members.

Joint Talking prisoner host Matt Batten and 4 cast members Susan Guerin (Barbara Fields), Babs McMillan (Cas Parker) Louise LeNay (Sandy Edwards), Anna Hruby (Paddy Lawson) and Reylene Pearce (Phyllis Hunt) from the Australian hit TV series Prisoner for an afternoon of nostalgia.

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The event includes a Q&A session with the cast, live in-house Talking prisoner interview and an exhibition with original dresses, scripts and props.

Prisoner Fan Quiz with prizes.
– Complimentary canapés and refreshments (non-alcoholic) provided.
-Open Bar available at own expense.
-Signed Prisoner Memorabilia available for purchase.

You can book tickets here.

Sunday 13 August 2023 14-17
Harlow Bar
447 Church Street, Richmond Victoria