Gareth Whitton wins Dessert Masters

Gareth Whitton wins Dessert Masters

Founder and Pastry Chef of Tarts Anon Gareth Whitton has won the inaugural title of 10’s Dessert Masters, fending off competition from two MasterChef graduates, Jess Liemantara and Reynold Poernomo.

He wins $100,000 cash after battling it out in a two-course sweet service challenge, feeding 15 diners and the judges in four hours.

For course one, he made an elevated ‘Rhubarb Tart’ with lemon verbena and pepperberry. For his second course, Gareth created a ‘Wattleseed and Chocolate Mousse’ entremet. During the rush of the cook, he cut his finger which cost him precious time, but he rushed to catch up. But he triumphed with 35/40 points over Reynold’s 28/40 and Jess’ 27/40.

For her first course Jess Liemantara, created ‘Not So Strawberries and Cream’, but when her chiboust texture wasn’t quite right, but she had no time to remake it. For her second course, she left a blackberry sorbet in the blast freezer for too long.

After coming so close to a grand final in season 12, Reynold Poernomo made it to the end His first course, ‘Floral’, featured a feijoa cremeaux, strawberries, jasmine gelato, with a delicate sugar flower and yuzu jelly. Overall the dish was a bit too cold. But Amaury unfortunately didn’t like his second course, ‘Milk and Honey’ as all the elements were frozen.

Gareth said of his win: “I couldn’t be happier to have been asked to be involved in the very first Dessert Masters, and to come out the other side with the chocolates makes it that much sweeter. I always knew that I was somewhat of an underdog coming into this competition, however I knew that a few unique skills and years of tough restaurant work could be enough to shake things up.

“The relationships that I have made in this competition will stay with me forever. I have forged some professional and personal connections that have made this experience one of the most enjoyable and constructive in my career, and the inspiration and friendship my fellow contestants and the judges provided, has motivated me in ways that words can’t describe.”

10 will screen a second season in 2024, expected to run during the Olympics.