Funding boost for ScreenWest

Funding boost for ScreenWest

David Templeman, Minister for Culture and the Arts; Roger Cook, Premier of WA and Rikki Lea Bestall, Screenwest CEO.

Lotterywest has provided WA screen agency Screenwest with grants totalling $9.2m for 2023 / 24.

The funding is separated into two grants with $7.7 million matching 2022 / 23’s contribution to support the screen industry and a second grant of $1.5 million supporting the capacity of local productions and towards the development of the WA First Nations filmmaking sector.

Recent WA productions include feature films Birthright, Runt, Red Rock Run and We Bury the Dead; TV series Population 11, Invisible Boys, Kangaroo Beach and Tales from Outer Suburbia; and documentary series Maggie Beer’s Big Mission, Our Law Season 2 and Australia’s Sleep Revolution with Dr Michael Mosley.

The Lotterywest grants will allow Screenwest to support the development, production and promotion of Western Australian-generated film and television projects, as well as skills and business support opportunities for local screen practitioners, First Nations programs, and help promote diversity and inclusion.

The $9.2 million in funding will also help ensure a steady pipeline of employment opportunities for WA cast, crew and extras in the state.

“Thank you to Lotterywest and the State Government for their ongoing support, which has been an integral part of growing our vibrant WA screen industry – an industry that showcases our stories, talent, culture and Country to the WA community and the world. We’re incredibly grateful to Lotterywest for the additional $1.5m which will allow us to support an even greater level of production in our state.” said Rikki Lea Bestall, Screenwest CEO.

Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman: “It’s an exciting time for WA’s screen industry with a blockbuster funding year for Screenwest through $9.2 million in Lotterywest grants, off the back of our recent screen production facility announcement. The extra $1.5 million in funding for Screenwest will support WA’s First Nations filmmaking sector and a massive year of scripted production for our state – the biggest to date. Recent productions include Population 11, Runt, We Bury the Dead and Invisible Boys, to name a few.

“Western Australia represents a fantastic backdrop for TV shows and the big screen and I can’t wait to see more major productions and special projects being filmed here in WA. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Screenwest on its ongoing excellent work to promote screen projects and attract industry participants to our great state.”