Friday Flashback: The National

Friday Flashback: The National

It’s not uncommon in news that broadcasters reinvent their newscasts by adding, then subtracting, the number of presenters, then adding back.

Or to switch from local to national news, only to realize that viewers prefer local relevance (especially in a country that has a AFL/NRL split right in the middle of the Murray River).

This week ABC announced it would move to a national Sunday bulletin, echoing its attempted national bulletin in 1985.

The national team was hosted by Geraldine Doogue and Richard Morecroft at the 6.30pm screening with only a token 10-minute ‘window’ at the end of the program for Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Darwin to cover their local news. Queensland (below), South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia submitted their own editions but still drew much of their content from the Sydney-based programme.

Despite the cost of 25 million dollars it lasted only 9 months, among the criticisms the bulletin focused more on lighter content than on serious news.

This week ABC announced that a new national Sunday bulletin is on its way state border to return as part of an extended 40 min. Friday night bulletin.

The more things change….


Source: TelevisionAU