Friday Flashback: ‘Sexual’ Harris

Friday Flashback: ‘Sexual’ Harris

Back in 1991 on the family-friendly sitcom Dinosaurs, was a forest-clearing foreman character called Al ‘Sexual’ Harris (which is kinda surprising in itself).

Harris, voiced by Jason Alexander, invented the double entrende and used it to coerce a female Brontosaurus, Monica, (Suzie Plakson) in the workplace.

“On one level you’re having a nice conversation with a sweet lovely…” he explained. “But on another, you’re saying something kinda, y’know, sexual…..”

“That’s why we call him Sexual Harris!” another suggested.

In the universe that is the prehistoric comedy, it is supposedly the first incident of unfair workplace and sexual harassment.

Dinosaurs ran for 4 seasons from 1991. – 1995 including with a voice cast including Stuart Pankin, Jessica Walter, Sally Struthers, Jason Willinger and Kevin Clash with the memorable catchphrase “Not the Mama!”

You can see Sexual Harris from 7:37 mins.