Five-Year Plan: ABC Moves Towards “Digital Majority” Audience.

Five-Year Plan: ABC Moves Towards “Digital Majority” Audience.

ABC has announced a five-year plan to move towards digital platforms as it follows a “digital majority” audience.

Over the next five years, ABC will undergo a significant transition from retaining both traditional broadcast and digital processes to becoming an integrated digital operation.

ABC says that while broadcasting will “remain important,” by 2028, more than half of ABC’s audience engagement will be via digital services.

ABC Multichannels will be “repositioned to align more closely with audience preferences. We will have reduced overlaps between broadcast audio services and reduced our investment in AM broadcasting.”

There will be increased investment in core digital products ABC listen, ABC iview (including update) and ABC News.

ABC will also move towards commissioning for iview first in the future.

The ABC in a statement said it “will enhance its core digital products, ABC News, ABC iview and ABC listen, to provide a seamless, personalized service that makes it easier for audiences to discover content that is relevant to them.”

Chief Executive David Anderson said: “By 2028, ABC will serve more Australians on the platform of their choice with made-for-digital content and journalism across ABC News, ABC iview, ABC listen and on leading third-party platforms.

“Australians trust and appreciate ABC and that won’t change. As we navigate this time of digital evolution, Australians can continue to rely on us for content and services that inform, educate and entertain.

“Our audiences can be confident that we will safeguard traditional broadcast services as long as they remain essential to keeping Australians informed and entertained.

“As Australia changes, ABC must change too.

“That means changing to meet the needs of our audiences wherever they live. We will continue to serve all Australians, contribute to our national identity and remain an essential part of everyday life.”

ABC said ABC will continue to inform, educate and entertain.

“We will serve and strengthen communities with reliable, unbiased and independent news. We will produce specialist content that contributes to and celebrates Australian culture. We will tell stories that reflect, shape and enrich the lives of Australians.”

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