Farmer’s finish helps Seven win ratings week

Farmer’s finish helps Seven win ratings week

Even with the abandonment of the failed Jump from his schedule, Seven won again last week.

This is due to the strength of The farmer wants a wifeAND Hunting pushing viewers inside Seven news.

Travel guides AND Have you been paying attention? they were top entertainment for Nine and 10, respectively.

SBS also had a good week thanks to Who do you think you are? AND Australia alone.

Seven: 30.5
Nine: 27.5
ABC: 16.1
SSB: 9.2

Main channel:
Seven: 21.7
Nine: 19.8
ABC: 11.3
SSB: 4.9

7TWO: 3.3
7 mad: 3.1
10 Fishing: 2.7
ABC Kids TV Plus: 2.5
9GEM: 2.4
10 bold: 2.3
9GO!: 2.2
ABC News: 1.8
9Life: 1.6
7flix/9RUSH: 1.4
7 Bravo / Food SBS: 1.0
SBS World Movies: 0.8
10 Shake: 0.7
ABCME: 0.4
NITV: 0.3
SBS world clock: 0.0

Nine still won the week with People 25-54.

Seven have won Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Nine drove Sydney and Brissy.

Seven claimed Sunday, Monday, Friday and Saturday. Nine won on Wednesday and Thursday. Both tied for Tuesday. ABC improved by 10 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Last week’s top brands were:

Seven: Seven news (Sun: 1.04m), The farmer wants a wife (Final Part 2: 737,000), Hunting (543,000) e Away from home (491,000).

Nine: Nine news (Sun: 834,000), A current deal (621,000), Travel guides (561,000) e The summit (Sun: 441,000).

10: Have you been paying attention? (563,000), Master Chef Australia (Sun: 492,000), The cheap seats (385,000) e The Sunday Project (305,000).

ABCs: ABC News (545,000), Difficult quiz (468,000), 7:30 (455,000) e Multimedia observation (450,000).

SSB: Who do you think you are? (232,000), Australia alone (206,000), Intuition (170,000), The True Crown: Inside the House of Windsor (139,000).

Infogram provided by Nine: