Farmer, AFL helps Seven take weekly ratings.

Farmer, AFL helps Seven take weekly ratings.

The farmer wants a wife topped the Entertainment of the Week last week, helping to make up for losses from failed Seven’s Jump reality series (which ended at #58). With the end of the week AFL run, Seven managed to knock out another week.

Travel guides he was Nine’s top entertainment and stage newcomer The summit, however he is sticking with the show after seeing some growth.

Have you been paying attention? came back strong for 10 while Blue AND Eurovision scored for ABC and SBS respectively.

Seven: 30.5
Nine: 27.4
ABC: 15.3
SSB: 9.7

Main channel:
Seven: 21.5
Nine: 19.4
ABC: 10.9
SSB: 5.2

7TWO: 3.3
7 mad: 3.1
10 Fishing: 2.7
9GEM: 2.6
9GO! / 10 Bold: 2.5
ABC Kids TV Plus: 2.3
ABC News: 1.8
9Life: 1.6
7flix/9RUSH: 1.4
7Bravo / SBS Food: 1.1
SBS World Movies: 0.9
10 Shake: 0.8
ABCME: 0.4
NITV: 0.3
SBS world clock: 0.0

Nine won the week in 25-54 demos.

Seven led on Sunday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Nine won on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. ABC improved by 10 on Friday.

Seven again led in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, while Nine won in Sydney and Brissy.

Last week’s top brands were:

Seven: Seven news (Sun: 933,000), The farmer wants a wife (668,000), Hunting (544,000) e AFL’s seven (466,000).

Nine: Nine news (990,000), A current deal (632,000), Travel guides (621,000) e The summit (Tue: 424,000).

10: Have you been paying attention? (640,000), Master Chef Australia (Mon: 552,000), The cheap seats (408,000) e The Sunday Project (7pm: 326,000).

ABCs: Blue (562,000), ABC News (535,000), Australian history (436,000) e Difficult quiz (432,000).

SSB: Eurovision song contest (Ann Morning Winner: 257,000)Who do you think you are? (245,000), Australia alone (203,000) e Intuition (151,000).

Infogram provided by Nine