Fans gather at A Country Practice venues

Fans gather at A Country Practice venues

Over 120 soapie fans recently gathered in Oakville Hawkesbury at the original site of A campaign practice‘s Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital.

Trent Hooper from Kilcunda, Victoria organized the fan day via his Facebook Welcome to the Wandin Valley. They were joined by actors Wendy Strehlow, John Tarrant, Mary Reagan and Nick Riggs.

Clare House, built of original convict bricks, went on sale in 2017.

The Blue Mountains Gazette reports it fans drove to each location with GPS tracking locations. It included the Wandin Valley Police Station in Pitt Town, Windsor High, and the A campaign practice GP Clinic on North Street, Windsor and some private residences.

Show creator and producer James Davern also sent in a note:

A campaign practice screened on Seven from 1981 to 1993 before a short-lived revival (filmed in Victoria) on 10 in 1994.