Eurovision 2023: final running order, latest odds.

Eurovision 2023: final running order, latest odds.

According to the bookmakers, Sweden remain the favorites to win Eurovision 2023 with Loreen’s “Tattoo” followed by Finland’s infectious “Cha Cha Cha” and Ukraine’s “Heart of Steel”.

Australia’s Voyager is currently sitting around 14th of 26 acts.

In the latest news, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is unhappy with the decision to bar Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy from delivering a speech.

“THE Eurovision song contest it is an entertainment show that is international and governed by strict rules and principles that have been established since its inception,” said a statement from the EBU.

“Within these, one of the cornerstones of the competition is the apolitical nature of the event.

“This principle prohibits the possibility of making political or similar statements as part of the contest.”

In the meantime, there is talk of a secret surprise to be included in the Final… Paul McCartney anyone?

…and Luxembourg has announced a return in 2024 after a 30-year absence.

According to the bookmakers here are the chances of winning (listed up to Australia).

  1. Sweden Loreen – Tattoo 52%
  2. Wrapper Finland – Cha Cha Cha 22%
  3. Ukraine Tvorchi – Heart of Steel 6%
  4. Israel Noa Kirel – Unicorn 4%
  5. Spain Blanca Paloma – Eaea 3%
  6. France La Zarra – Obviously 3%
  7. Norway Alexandra – Queen of Kings 3%
  8. Italy Marco Mengoni – Two lives 1%
  9. United Kingdom Mae Muller – I wrote a song 1%
  10. Austria Teya & Salena – Who the hell is Edgar? 1%
  11. Croatia Flight 3 – Mama ŠČ! 1%
  12. Belgium Gustaph – Thanks to you 1%
  13. Armenian brunette – future lover 1%
  14. Australia Voyager – 1% Promise


Eurovision Song Contest Final Live Sunday 5:00am AEST on SBS*

* Voting (20 votes per person, 65c per vote).

Replay on SBS (no voting):

Eurovision: Semi-final 2 19:30 Saturday
Eurovision: final 19:30 Sunday


Who will win Eurovision 2023?

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