Eureka will produce the quiz show The Floor for FOX

Eureka will produce the quiz show The Floor for FOX

From 100 people on the island to 100 people The floor….

The US network FOX will adapt the Dutch quiz The floor, produced by Australia’s Eureka Productions and John De Mol’s Talpa Productions.

The show sees 100 contestants battle it out in quiz duels on a giant LED floor divided into one hundred equal squares, each representing their field of knowledge.

The first challenger, chosen at random, must choose one of his nearby opponents to face an epic quiz duel in the opponent category.

The winner takes control of the loser’s square, gaining valuable ground by expanding their territory, while the loser is out of the game. The winner then has to choose: Continue and attempt to secure another box? Or they leave it The floor choose a new challenger?

The last contestant standing who gets full control The floor takes home a life-changing $250,000 cash prize.

Expiration reports the series launched in the Netherlands on RTL4 and is being remade in France and Germany and has been optioned in the UK.

The executive producers are John De Mol, Chris Culvenor, Paul Franklin, Anthony Carbone, Mark van Achterberg, Eden Gaha and Wes Dening.